• 24/7 Removal & Transport from an Institutional Facility within our local service area
    • Add $100 for Removal from private Residence or Adult Family Home.
    • Add mileage charges outside our 9 county service area
    • Add $295 for Extra Weight Charge 300-395
    • Add $395 for Extra Weight Charge 400-495
    • Add $695 for Extra Weight Charge 500+lbs
  • Refrigeration/Sheltering
  • Out-of-Office Arrangements Online
    • Add $195 for Phone Arrangements
    • Add $295 for In-Office Arrangements
  • Coordinate with Coroner, Doctor, and Health Department to ensure timely certification and permit
    • Add government fees: $70 for King County, Add $10 for Pierce County
    • Add $75 for Ordering and Obtaining Death Certificates
    • Add $25 for each Certified Death Certificate ordered from Health Dept.
  • Notify Social Security
  • Help Coordinate with Cemetery as needed to accomplish burial in timely manner
  • Delivery Vehicle to Cemetery in at time and date of our choosing (within our 75mile service area)
  • Secure Veteran’s Burial Flag
  • Recruit Military Honors
  • No Sales Tax (Casket purchase will have sales tax)

Items that are additional cost: 

  • Merchandise such as Casket, Vault, Jewelry or other merchandise
  • Cemetery charges
  • Any County or State government fees
    • Add $70 for King County
    • Add $10 for Pierce County

Does Not Include:

  • Casket
  • Cemetery Charges or other Third-Party Cash Advances
  • Decedent Preparations not listed above (such as embalming)
  • Any Viewing or Gathering Services not listed (such as public visitation or funeral/graveside services)
    • Add $300 for Minimum Preparation for a 1hr ID viewing at our facility M-F before 5pm

Checkout our online Burial Planner to view additional services, merchandise, and other options available.