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The Natural Process... Water Cremation is a natural, and environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremations. It uses water instead of fire to return a body to nature. The decomposition process taking place is called Alkaline Hydrolysis, which is the same natural way in which a human or animal returns to nature if buried without a coffin in the soil, or placed in a flowing stream of water. Water Cremation, is a non-burn process more like natural decomposition than any other method since the same natural decomposition of tissue occurs, just at a faster rate. What actually happens...? With Water Cremation, an individual body is gently placed in a clean, stainless steel vessel. A combination of flowing water, temperature and alkalinity are used to accelerate the natural course of tissue hydrolysis. The process is completely automated. At the end of this process, the body has been returned to it's constituent elements - amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts - in the water. There is no DNA to link back to the person and the only solid remains are the bones. Remember – our bodies are 70% water to begin with! The only solid remains are the bones, as per a cremation. The bones remain with Water Cremation as they do after a flame cremation, and likewise are in both cases ground and presented to the relatives as cremated remains.

The Advantages of Water Cremation

The environmentally kinder alternative....

  • Water Cremation uses just 10% of the energy needed in a cremation. Flame cremations often use temperatures in excess of 1,000 ̊ C, and so are major energy consumers.
  • In Water Cremation, there are no air emissions; 100% pollution free.
  • In Water Cremation, no methane gas is produced. In a burial, this can seep out along with other toxic fluids and leak into groundwater.
  • In Water Cremation, there is no waste of timber or metals that is often of furniture quality.
  • Titanium hip replacements are unaffected by the Water Cremation process and can be reused.
  • Pacemakers are also unaffected by Water Cremation, saving Funeral Directors the task of removing it prior to cremations, in which it would otherwise explode.
  • Water Cremation is a truly environmentally kinder alternative to burial and flame cremation.