What Is Terramation?

Terramation is also known as natural organic reduction or human composting, and transforms human remains into life-giving soil.

Natural Organic Reduction or Terramation is a process that happens in the natural world all the time. Terramation just makes it happen faster.

Here’s how it works: The body is placed in a sealed, environmentally controlled vessel along with organic materials such as alfalfa, straw and sawdust. Oxygen flows through the vessel which stimulates microbes in the body to become super-active. These microbes quickly transform the body into organic matter. This process is closely monitored and controlled. After 30-days, the soil is removed from the vessel to cure, and in 60-days this fertile soil is ready to return to the earth. The soil is then delivered to the family. Any soil that the family does not wish to use will nurture land in need of revitalization.

Essentially, the body is gently transformed into rich, fertile soil.

Terramation is chemical free and uses only natural materials and oxygen during this gentle process. The process is energy-efficient and results in a soil which provides life-giving nutrients to the earth and helps retain nitrogen in the ground. 

Where can Terramated soil be used?

Deciding how and where to use the soil is up to you and your family. The soil is rich in life-giving nutrients and marvelously fertile, making it ideal for a memorial garden or landscape. Create a memorial flower bed or plant a tree. Scatter it in a place that is sacred. You are welcome to take as much soil as you wish. Donate the rest to nurture forests and land in need of revitalization.

How much soil results after the Terramation process?

Approximately 1yard of nutrient rich soil results from the Terramation process. The entire amount can be picked up, delivered, or shipped. If it is the family's wish, then a smaller portion of the soil can be given to the family and the remaining soil ca be donated to land in need of restoration.