WELCOME to our innovative Burial Selections Form. This form is for planning At-Need, Imminent, or Future-Need Burial arrangements. Payment can be made after completing the form or the form may be submitted as a quote to coordinate other payment arrangements.

NOTICE: Anyone may select and pay for funeral goods and services such as a viewing, burial, etc. But only an Authorizing Agent according to RCW 68.50.160 may authorize those services. Only an Authorizing Agent can direct the disposition of the remains.

Who is an Authorizing Agent? An Authorizing Agent is a person with the legal Right to Control Disposition of Remains per RCW 68.50.160. The order of authority is:

  1. SELF- A person has the right to control the disposition of his or her own remains without the predeath or postdeath consent of another person. 
  2. The DESIGNATED AGENT of the decedent as directed through a written document signed and dated by the decedent in the presence of a witness. The direction of the designated agent is sufficient to direct the type, place, and method of disposition;
  3. The surviving SPOUSE or state registered domestic partner;
  4. The MAJORITY of the SURVIVING ADULT CHILDREN of the decedent;
  5. The surviving PARENTS of the decedent;
  6. The MAJORITY of the SURVIVING SIBLINGS of the decedent;
  7. A COURT-APPOINTED GUARDIAN for the person at the time of the person's death.


PLEASE NOTE: The prices found in the printable pricing pdf or GPL and this online form should match. There are no hidden charges that are not disclosed here online. We try very hard to be transparent and let you know up front any charges that will be required. Please don't hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. 



  • -Removal & Transport of Decedent(<300lbs) within 10 county service area
  • -Refrigeration/Sheltering
  • -Coordinate with Coroner, Doctor, and Health Department to ensure timely certification and burial permit
  • -Funeral Vehicle and transport to Cemetery in our service area
  • -Secure Veteran’s Burial Flag
  • -Recruit Veteran's Military Honors
  • -Coordinate National Cemetery Scheduling
  • -Order and Obtain Death Certificates from Health Dept. (cost of DC's not included)
  • Secure Veteran’s Burial Flag
  • Recruit Veteran's Military Honors
  • Coordinate National Cemetery Scheduling

Does not include: Casket, outer burial container, cemetery charges, services not listed or government fees.


Sometimes the Place of Death and the Place of Removal are one and the same. However, a death may occur in one location but we do the removal at another location. For example, the death may occur at a house but the Coroner or Medical Examiner brings the decedent to their facility for an autopsy. For transport purposes, please provide here the location from where we will be doing the removal. No Additional Transport Charges are incurred in Our service area which includes: Mason, Thurston, Grays Harbor, Kitsap, Lewis, Pierce, Pacific, Jefferson, Snohomish and King Counties. Please call for transport charges outside our service area.


Minimum Preparation of an unembalmed body is required for any viewing (whether paying your respects for 5 minutes or an hour) in order to ensure a safe, clean, and peaceful experience for all. The Minimum Preparation charge includes the minimum preparations and use of facility and staff for a one hour ID viewing at our facility during the week M-F before 4pm. Overtime is anytime after 4pm or Saturday-Sunday. Some families prefer to upgrade to Embalming preparation for viewing even though it is not required for an ID viewing. Embalming is required for open casket viewing at a public gathering as well as for shipping a decedent by airplane or other. If you choose "No Viewing" then you acknowledge that no one will need to view the decedent prior to the burial. Autopsy Restoration is required for viewing if the decedent has had an autopsy. Dressing is optional and if not selected, then we will use the clothing that was on the decedent when they came into our care. 


Third-parties are not affiliated with McComb & Wagner. We have developed relationships with quality 3rd parties over the years but do not manage them. The place of the burial will be at a cemetery that is not connected with our firm. We will do our best to help facilitate and coordinate the burial process with the cemetery in order to lay your loved one to rest in a timely and appropriate manner. However, the cemetery will have its own paperwork, policies, timing, and charges that are separate from our firm and out of our control. Many cemeteries have their own grounds crew for digging the grave and setting up a tent and chairs for gatherings. In the event that the cemetery does not have its own grounds crew and/or equipment for preparing the grave for burial, McComb & Wagner can be hired to help facilitate this kind of work as well but it is an additional service outside the scope of the Complete Burial Package and will involve an additional charge.


Many cemeteries have their own grounds crew. In the event, that you use a cemetery that does not have it's own crew for digging the grave or setting up for services, then we can help in that process as well.

Our cemetery set-up includes: Scheduling with Cemetery, Scheduling with 3rd party company, Digging of marked site, Concrete Liner, Setting of Liner, Opening of plot, Closing of Plot, Tent and Chairs, Greens, Lowering Device.

*Monticello Vault is additional pricing

*Prices are subject to change without notice



The Outer Burial Container is a container placed in the ground at the cemetery. It is a container that the casket is placed into. Almost all cemeteries require some kind of outer burial container. The casket does not go directly into the ground without an outer burial container. The most basic outer burial container is a concrete graveliner and is purchased directly at the cemetery. The concrete graveliner can be upgraded to a burial vault which has a single-reinforced wall that is concrete exterior with a plastic-reinforced cover and base. Burial Vaults are designed to seal out water.





If you select to purchase the Memorial Video option, then you will receive an email link for full access to our online Memorial Video Creator where you and your family can easily add photos and music to make a video tribute that will be cherished for generations to come.


Many families need one or more official certified copies of the death certificate to take care of certain estate, probate, or other business following a death. Certified Death Certificates are ordered and obtained from the local health department. If you have been informed by the ME or Coroner that the Cause of Death is PENDING- we recommend that you only order ONE death certificate at this time. Once the cause of death has been updated in the system then you can order more at that time. You can have our firm order and obtain official certified copies of the death certificate from the health department for you to pickup at our office or for mailing. You may also order and obtain them directly. IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain information you provide here in this online planner (especially the Vital Information) will be placed on the Death Certificate. We do not contact the family to check and verify if the information you provide is correct. We expect that your input is submitted accurately as you intend it. If changes or corrections are requested after the Death Certificate has printed and the corrections required are due to family error, then an additional administrative fee of $75 will be incurred to reorder and reobtain new corrected Death Certificates. Plus the cost of the corrected Death Certificates.


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