Death Certificate Order Form

  • Death Certificate Order Form


Death Certificate Order Form


NOTICE: McComb & Wagner can order Certified Death Certificates from the Health Department within 12 months from the date of death. After 12 months a Certified Death Certificate must be ordered directly from Washington State Vital Statistics.


Many families need one or more official certified copies of the death certificate to take care of certain estate, probate, or other business following a death. Certified Death Certificates are ordered and obtained from the local health department. You can have our firm order and obtain official certified copies of the death certificate from the health department for you to pickup at our office or for mailing. You may also order and obtain them directly.


To receive a death certificate, you must indicate your relationship to the decedent and attest that you are authorized to receive the certificate.

I declare under penalty of perjory under the laws of the State of Washington that the infomation I have provided is true and correct. Further, be advised that willfully providing a false statement to vital records for a certificate is a gross misdemeanor under Washington law, RCW 70.58A.590(2).

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